The Brightline Performance Map (SM) reveals the ROI profile in terms of Business Objectives.

Brightline Performance

The Brightline Performance Framework (SM)

Your Brightline Performance Framework recognizes the Business Capabilities of the organization, and relates those capabilities to Business Objectives.  The performance of each Business Capability is what brings success, and  it's all about building and maintaining this high performance framework at the least cost.  The linkage is simple: 

1) To achieve business objectives, improve the performance of the business capabilities that enable the achievement of the business objectives.  

2) To improve the performance of a business capability, improve its processes, technologies, or the knowledge/skill set of its operators.  

3) To improve processes, we use the CMMI V2.0, Lean Thinking, Agile creation, optimization, and other tools.

How It Works ...

We always start with the organization's business objectives, and then identify the business capabilities that, through the expertise of leadership, will be used to achieve the business objectives.

The performance of each of those capabilities is then defined so that the set of capabilities is estimated to be sufficient to enable the achievement of the related business objective.

Each capability may be improved (or developed from scratch) by improving the processes by which is operated and the technologies which make it work.